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QuenchMe. - What your skin is telling you. DrenchMe. - When it gets what it wants.

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Target DHT, Inflammation, nutritional deficiencies & multiple causes of diminishing locks.

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Our Values, Code, & Ethos.

A Triple Entendre

QuenchMe embodies a three-fold meaning. Quench the needs of your skin. Quench your desire for a high quality trustworthy product. Quench your thirst for knowledge about each active, and know they are right for you. 

High quality ingredients at a fair price

We want to balance things out a bit. Everybody wants an effective & high quality product. Just..... not with a high quality price. Our Ethos: Provide Excellence - forget the markup. 

Fully Researched

We use products that have scientific backing. No folk medicine, hype, or voodoo.  We offer complete transparancy why ingredients are included and the research too.