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I need more info. - What product is for my skin?

Cream or Serum? Maybe both...

Cream or Serum? Maybe both...

Serum Characteristics & Benefits:

1. Light in consistency
2. Have a non-greasy finish 
3. Quick to absorb. 
4. Considered intensive & often referred to as the ‘workhorse’ of a product line.
Serums are usually packed with high quality antioxidants, anti-wrinkle, anti-aging, collagen building, and even lightening ingredients. Paired with quick absorption, they become a go-to for efficient & effective treatments. 

 5. Ideal for those with oily skin, or those looking for weightless feel to their products.  

Cream Characteristics & Benefits:  

1. Creams have the ability to easily deliver actives that are not soluble in water. This in itself opens up a completely different door in terms of including potent anti-aging products into your skin care regime that may otherwise be excluded, or difficult to include if only using water-based serums.

2. Creams push moisture in and help keep it there (reducing TEWL trans-epidermal water loss). 

3. They include Beneficial Oils & Essential Fatty Acids (!)  - (a really good thing)