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Hair Health: Treatment Trio - Growth & Regeneration

Your scalp can suffer from all the same daily stressors your skin does - so why not care for it as you would your skin? 

Lets face it, there are few of us who don't want great hair.  We may go to great lengths to care for our strands, but might neglect keeping the roots of those strands healthy.  

If you already have a full head of hair and are just looking for some additional nutrition, daily antioxidants, and a boost of growth encouragement from KGF (Keratinocyte Growth Factor), the Daily Dew - Spray Boost is a great addition to your hair care regime. 

If you find yourself needing something a bit more intensive to combat stressed roots, thinning or already missing strands, the Treatment Trio offers a multifaceted approach targeting the biological components of these problems. Packaged with the flexibility to use whichever product is the most convenient for that day.  

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