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Affiliate Program


QuenchMeDrenchMe.com affiliates enjoy the benefit of an industry-competitive 8-12% commission of the order subtotal including (applicable taxes and shipping do not apply).


Your QuenchMe affiliate application must be reviewed and approved prior to your official enrollment. Please allow at least 48 business hours for this process. Please review the Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions prior to completing your affiliate application. By enrolling in the QuenchMe affiliate program, you agree to each term and condition specified on this page.   

QuenchMe is looking to develop long-lasting affiliate relationships with content-driven websites that are updated daily (blogs, podcasts, etc.) - preferably with a strong focus on health, skin care, skin health, hair health, root/scalp care, hair growth sites. While we will consider all applications received, please see below for a list of common reasons your application may be declined or revoked. Thank you for your interest.


Please note that QuenchMe & QuenchMeDrenchMe.com affiliates are NOT permitted to:

  • Use domains containing “QuenchMe” and/or “QuenchMeDrenchMe" and/or any misspellings or similar alterations of the name "QuenchMe, and/or QuenchMeDrenchMe"
  • Use “QuenchMe” and/or “QuenchMeDrenchMe" and/or any misspellings or similar alterations of the name "Nootropics Depot" in a subdomain on the publisher's own domain
  • Bid on the brand name “QuenchMe” and/or “QuenchMeDrenchMe" and/or any misspellings or similar alterations of the name “QuenchMe” and/or “QuenchMeDrenchMe" in Adwords, adCenter, or any other CPC/CPM advertising service.

QuenchMe reserves the right to terminate your participation in the QuenchMe Affiliate Program immediately and without notice nor will we be liable to you for any commissions should you be found in violation of the above CPC and CPM/Brand Bidding Rules.

Common Reasons an affiliate application may be declined or revoked:

  • The website is inactive and/or incomplete
  • The website contains offensive/insensitive material (see our Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions for further details)
  • The website is not a good match for our program (ie. it is a coupon code / promotional offer site, etc.)
  • The website promotes illegal / scheduled substances
  • The website bids on the trademark name "QuenchMe, or QuenchMe DrenchMe" 


Our Company

  • Our company is focused FIRST on providing high quality products to the customer.
  • We are an established and trusted vendor of quality skin, scalp & hair care products, which include natural, nutrient rich, sensitive skin safe products with in-demand actives such as growth factors (EGF, KGF etc.).
  • We believe that everyone should have accessibility to the product that interest them, and are focused on bringing previously inaccessible products to the mainstream at an affordable price.
  • We do not formulate this in our kitchens. We use a high quality formulation facility with a known reputation.

What we offer our Customers:

  • Free Shipping
    • We offer attractive promotions to our customers including Free First Class shipping on all domestic orders. Free USPS Priority Mail shipping on all domestic orders over $50. Free shipping worldwide mail on all international orders over $200.
    • We have specifically partnered with BoxBerry to offer incredible shipping rates to Russia, Kazakstan and other Eastern European Countries.
    • We advertise that we support Meest Shipping which also offers incredible and fast shipping to these countries.
    • We offer discounted USPS, UPS, FEDEX rates for international shipping.
  • Promotions:
    • We offer multiple promotions including discounts for a confirmed newsletter subscription, account creation and friend referrals. We also offer a point collection and reward program
Benefits for the Affiliate
  • We use the Affiliatly program which allows the Affiliate to easily access needed information in regard to their accounts, needed promotion banners, contributed sales, and payment.
  • We offer a very competitive industry 8-12% commission of the order subtotal. We are also open to negotiations with benchmarking and bonus sales tiers.  
  • We make payments through PayPal, Skrill, Payoneer, Dwolla, Store Credit, Discount Cards, and/or product. And are open to discuss other methods of payment.
  • We Assist with infographic and banner creation for easy marketing and distribution.



    By enrolling in the QuenchMe Affiliate Program, you agree to our Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions. Please click here to review these terms and conditions. Thank you.


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